This BALLROOMOLOGY website is dedicated to The Study of Ballroom Dance, and in Loving memory of my mentor Bob Medeiros, who with his dance partner Sheryn Hawkins were the First Official United States International Latin Style Champions in 1971.

After many hours of research, emails and phone calls, I was able to get hold of Bob Medeiros’ personal Super 8mm Films of his Competition Dancing days with his partner Sheryn Hawkins. These films were the inspiration and starting point for this BALLROOMOLOGY website and its historical preservation.

The Super 8mm Films were sent out to be converted to Digital Video files, where they have been edited, with a Music Sound Track and Narration added. Now everyone can experience how talented Bob and Sheryn were as dancers, and learn from their innovation.

“All of Art is Derivative”, which means what we see today has been done earlier, with modified and or new techniques added. Ancient Egyptians used dancing for both entertainment and religion. Different cultures dance for various reasons such as Native Americans, who had the rain dance, the war dance, and basically connecting to their earthly and spiritual realms. Fast forwarding to today’s Social connection, a way of touching and interacting, that evolves into Formal Cotillion, Exhibition, Speciality and Competition Dancing such as “Dancing with The Stars.”

Augie & Margo Rodriquez, known as Augie & Margo for example were a well known dance team who adding Mambo and Salsa routines influenced Ballroom Dancing (see Augustin Rodriguez and Margo Bartolonei – History of Mamba/Salsa on the Educational Videos page). They were often featured on the Ed Sullivan Show, and added to their innovation by doing a dance routine outside in Miami on B&W TV (see Augie & Margo Performance #4 on the Educational Videos page).
Dancing does not have to be formal, it could also be humorous. Check out Nicholas Cotton & Maria Hansen dancing their Toilet Paper Routine on the Educational Videos page.

Our goal is to present videos and articles that will hopefully encourage dancers of all ages and levels to connect with their inner spirit creating their own dance expression.

Please contact us if you have any films or videos of Ballroom Competition Dancing events that you could submit to us that we may post to this website.

“To learn how to dance, put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul.”

— Luigi, Master Jazz Dance Teacher